VEDA Day 3: My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

I find that to participate in VEDA (Vlogging Every Month in August), I’m having to record on each day and then edit and publish later. It’s frustrating, but needs must.

I’m actually currently in Los Angeles to attend BlogHer 16, which is a blogging conference. It’s actually for my OTHER blog (A Mother Thing), and I am seriously SUPER busy. I was selected as one of the Voices of the Year, and I have to get up on stage and read my winning post in front of a crowd of thousands, so I am just SLIGHTLY (totally) nervous.

But I wanted to be sure to get this shared so that I have kept to schedule. My video today was about my FAVORITE bullet journal supplies. You’ve never seen a woman get so excited about pens, I tell ya!

Anyway, the video pretty much says everything and includes a bunch of stuff that I highly recommend. I’ll add a list of the mentioned products at the bottom if you want to buy them.


Here’s the links to the supplies I mentioned:

Bullet Journal (Leuchtturm 1917)
Washi Tape
Happy Planner Stickers
Calligraphy Set
ZIG Calligraphy Pens
Winsor and Newton Watercolor Markers
Sharpie Fine Point
Gel Pens
MicroLine Pens
Infinity Metallic Pens
Prismacolor Premier 150 Pack


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