VEDA: Day 1 – Introduction to My Bullet Journal

Do you VEDA? Do you know what VEDA is?

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’ve been on Youtube on about 6 different accounts for YEARS, but I’ve never really felt like I could just get on and do whatever I wanted. But with the start of this here blog, and my love of sharing all I’m learning, I decided to just go for it. So I joined in with VEDA, which stands (I think) for Vlogging Every Day in August (or April… apparently it’s twice a year in the A months). It’s basically a challenge – I’m all about those lately! – in which you get off your butt and create a Vlog (video blog for the uninitiated) each day for the whole month. Whew! That sounds like a ton of work, right?!

But the great thing about vlogging (as opposed to other forms of video making) is that it’s just a loose format, in which you don’t actually have to edit or dress up for. It’s you being you and sharing that “you” with the world.

So for day 1, I decided to go ahead and share an introduction to my bullet journal. It’s been a big obsession lately, so it seemed like an appropriate first topic. Here’s the video in all its glory. It’s ten minutes of me talking fast, because that’s apparently what I do.

Let me know of any subjects you want me to vlog about (if you want to see more). I’d love some ideas!


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