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So you MAY have noticed that I got a new iPad Pro last week. And let me tell ya… I’ve not really put it down since I got it. I have become somewhat addicted to it, if truth be told. I can’t stop playing with the ProCreate app, making pretty pictures. It’s kind of odd as it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been able to draw well, so I’m really really rusty. And on top of that, I’m having to get used to a whole new way of drawing since it’s all digital and doesn’t really work entirely the same as a pen and paper. But oooooh baby, is it fun!

I am eventually going to create a little portfolio of my favorite art pieces, but since these are all doodles taking less than 10 minutes apiece, I am not going to make a big fuss about them. Still, this is my blog for pretty things and things that make me happy, and all of these fit the bill. Maybe you will enjoy looking at them, too!


This was a little doodle I did for one of my hand lettering challenge days. I got a lot of help from my kids, as they really wanted to play with the iPad. So they helped color and gave me ideas. A flying rainbow unicorn was just what this one needed, right??


This was my first real doodle on the iPad. It’s kind of based on one of my friends. As you can tell, I hadn’t really got the hang of how to use the app, otherwise I would have been able to keep the color in the lines a bit better. 😉


I saw a gal on Instagram draw a little doodle that was similar to this, and I loved it so much. It reminded me of my mom’s old Skediddle Kiddle figure that she used as a Bingo good luck charm. So I wanted to draw my own version, which was a little more punk. And I added a fun message, too!


I wanted to paint a sort of galaxy painting, but it didn’t come out very well, so I used it as a way of learning something new. I did a sort of watercolor rainbow wash on one layer, then I did a layer of black and paint splatters. Then I used my eraser to do the lettering, which allowed the watercolor wash to show through. Fun!


Sometimes I Google ideas, and re-draw them in my own way. This was one such doodle. I had a hand lettering prompt of Sweater Weather, and I knew I wanted a girl wearing a cable-knit sweater. Amazingly, when I googled the phrase, a drawing popped up in the results, and it was just what I imagined. So I stole the concept (back of girl with big bun) and added some of my own flair.


I love monkeys. Especially super cute big-eyed cartoon monkeys. This one was kind of based on Terk from Tarzan. At least the body was. I referenced him when trying to figure out how to draw the body. But obviously there are differences since Terk is a gorilla.


This is my favorite doodle EVAR! it was done in about 3 minutes, and it came out SUPER cute, and I am in love with him.


This is Tod. He’s a fox. And he’s super cute!


Tod’s lady love. <3


This was my first attempt at a monkey. I think she’s super cute, but very basic. That’s why I referenced Terk for the other monkey!


My kids are seriously obsessed with rainbow unicorns now. So I’m drawing them all the time for them. I’ll admit, I’m not complaining.


When my kids commented that the rainbow unicorn was “kinda fat,” I got all up in their grills and decided that they need to see more fat creatures. So I began drawing plus-sized fantasy creatures. This was the first one. A BBM – Big, Beautiful Mermaid!


Another BBM I drew (psst – pay no attention to the fact that I totally forgot to draw the other half of her arm!) to show my kids that fat can be beautiful.


I love this SO much. This is pretty much my self-portrait. Haha. I love her sassy laugh, her unruly blue hair and her tattoo. She’s not giving a shit, and she is just an awesome little minx.


Another BBM that I created to try and show different body types, as well as different skin tones. I’ve never attempted to draw black skin before, but it seemed worth trying. The only thing I wish I could have done is get more “natural” black hair. Next time, I’ll attempt an afro!

I have so much more I want to draw. But for now, I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made. I’m getting more capable of using the iPad for digital art. Funnily enough, I think I’m better at drawing digitally, but I am WAY worse at hand lettering. I just can’t make it look right on the iPad. I think I may have to stick to regular pen and paper for that!

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