Bullet Journaling 101

Bullet Journaling 101 - How to get started

Bullet Journaling 101 - How to get started

One of the most exciting new things I’ve learned about recently is the awesome idea of bullet journals. If you haven’t heard about them, get ready because this is the absolute most awesome idea you’ll ever hear about. If you are needing a creative outlet and/or needing a way of organizing your life in a way that actually WORKS, then bullet journals are your new best friend.

So What IS Bullet Journaling?

Touted as “the analog system for the digital age,” it is a way of organizing your life in ONE easy place. Now you don’t need to worry about how to keep track of all of your appointments, to-do lists, contacts, or clever ideas. Bullet journaling will help you figure it all out.

If you want to get the whole picture, visit the official Bullet Journal website. It explains the basics so you can understand the overall concept of how the process works.

It Looks Kind of Boring

Looks can be deceiving! It is what you make it. Sure, you can stick to the basics as outlined on the Bullet Journal site, but there are SO many opportunities to be creative. After all, this is YOUR journal. Add color, doodles, or your own secret codes if you want! Use it to practice your penmanship or draw some pictures when you’re bored. The sky is really the limit.

Do I Need to Buy That Bullet Journal? It Seems Expensive

No, you don’t need anything specific. You can get by with a $1 spiral notebook and a pencil if that’s what you have. But if you’re like me, you’ll get pretty excited very quickly and end up buying all sorts of fun supplies!

What Kind of Supplies Do You Suggest?

Again, it’s all about what you want your journal to be. Here are a few suggestions of basic supplies to get you started. You can buy so much on Amazon, so I’ve affiliate linked to each of the ones I recommend:

A Good Notebook

Some Colorful Pens

A Variety of Washi Tape for decorating

Stencils for Getting Creative

A Ruler for Getting Straight Lines

Fun Stickers to Add Character

Realistically, you can find some amazing deals if you just search for Bullet Journal on Amazon.

I’m Not Creative. Where Can I Find Good Ideas?

Follow me on Pinterest. I am constantly pinning great bullet journal pages and ideas. Not to mention a whole array of pretty things to look at!

What If I Suck?

This is YOUR journal. It’s for you and no one else. What matters is that YOU are happy with it. There’s no wrong or right way to do this. Find inspiration all over the internet. And then make those ideas yours. Even if you just flat out copy other’s ideas, it’s fine. Fake it till you make it.

If you want some great inspiration, check out Slap Dash Mom, The Lazy Genius Collective, BoHo Berry, or just follow the #BulletJournal hashtag on Instagram.

Should I Buy a Few Notebooks For Different Subjects?

No need! While you’re certainly free to create as many journals as you’d like, there’s honestly no need to separate subject matter into different notebooks. That is the beauty of the bullet journal. By making use of page numbers and your handy dandy index, you will be able to make one journal responsible for everything!

Of course, eventually you will run out of pages, so you will have to start a new one. Some people get a new one each year. But bear in mind you can create an entire year’s worth of information on a single page if you need to! So one journal could last a VERY long time!

Do I Need to Wait Until the Beginning of the Month?

Not at all. You can if you want to, but I always say the best time to get started is RIGHT NOW.

So How Do I Get Started?

You get started! Seriously – grab a notebook and put pen to paper! It’s that easy. Don’t let fear hold you back. Just do it!

Okay, I’m In. What Should I Do First?

Here are a few suggestions of pages to get you started. Remember to leave room in the front for an index!

This Month’s┬áCalendar
Monthly To Do List
Favorite Quotes
Mood Tracker
Activity Tracker
Books To Read
Movies to See
Blog Post Ideas
Handwriting Practice
Daily Gratitude Journal

Anything you want to keep track of is there for you!

So there you have it. There’s every reason to get started with the magical world of Bullet Journaling. I’ll be sharing my own bullet journal journey here, so check back often for ideas and inspiration.

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