Bullet Journal Page Ideas

50+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas for Beginners or the Uninspired

50+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas for Beginners or the Uninspired

I think I’m going through what every bullet journaller goes through at some point. It’s just after you’ve discovered bullet journals and you are excited and enthusiastic, and you’ve got a ton of pages filled out. You have bought ridiculous amounts of washi tape and colorful pens. You are practicing your hand lettering with a new calligraphy set you found. You’ve got your favorite new hobby all ready to go.

And then it hits – this suddenly overwhelming feeling that you’re doing it all wrong. That you wish these pages looked better – if you only knew then what you know now about how to set them up… if you only had learned this technique or that before you’d started. If only if only if only…

OR – you are super happy with your lovely bullet journal. You never knew you were so artistic! You are a bullet journaling god! But, you’re out of ideas. You have created page upon page of pretty lists and doodles, but you’ve kind of maxxed out on your own creativity.

Well, I guess I am part of the former group.

I realized pretty quickly after I started this process that I was unhappy with the notebook I was using. I learned that there is a LOT of bleed-through int he markers I chose to use. I learned that when you mess up in pen, it’s way hard to fix.

I also learned that I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to things being in the correct spot. While the index makes this a LOT easier, I really wish I’d created a year’s worth of monthly and/or weekly calendars right at the beginning so I came across as better organized.

But honestly – the truth is that it doesn’t matter. None of it. Bullet journaling is all about making things EASIER on yourself. Not stressing because yours isn’t as pretty as the next gal’s. It’s about being able to keep everything in ONE SPOT rather than hunting frantically for post it notes and the backs of envelopes where you’ve written important information.

The whole point of this style of journaling is that you don’t have to worry about mistakes anymore. You don’t have to worry about how things look. This is YOUR book full of information for YOU.

That said, sometimes the hobby part becomes more important to you than the actual organizational part. And that’s fine. Some people use their BuJos to practice calligraphy or keep track of drawing progress. It’s all totally cool.

But if you are the kind of person (me) that likes to have a plan (me) rather than winging it (ahem, me), then let me help you out.

Here’s a printable list of ideas for your journal. It can help you map out your BuJo if you’re just starting out, or it can give you ideas for pages that you might want to include.

50+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas for Beginners or the Uninspired

That’s a ton to get started with, and I’d love to hear more. Leave a comment with some other ideas you think make great BuJo pages!


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  1. I’ve just found your blog and I have to say I love it!
    I had every intention of being careful and it being beautiful and perfect, but it never turns out quite like that. I love the ideas for new pages though 🙂

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