About Me

Katie Reed of HeyKatie.net

Katie Reed of HeyKatie.netMy name is Katie Reed. I have been a blogger for a LONG time, but I’m mostly known for my lifestyle/motherhood blog, A Mother Thing. Recently, after I came to terms with the fact that my husband and I were no longer going to have any more children, I realized that I have put my whole life on hold to be a mommy. While I LOVE my kids and enjoy motherhood, there’s a lot more to me.

Before I had kids, I was an artist. I lived to paint. Every spare moment was spent with a paint brush in my hands. But just after I became pregnant with my first child, I put the brushes away and haven’t touched them since. Whatever small talent I once had is long gone, but my creativity is bursting to come out!

I started this blog to reinvigorate my creativity. I want to share my many and varied artistic endeavors. I want to talk about the deepest feelings of my soul without worrying about alienating my audience. I want to be REAL.

And most of all, I want a little time for myself. A time where I can figure out who I am when I’m not someone’s mommy.

If you know or prefer me as a mommy blogger, I understand. But for now, I need an outlet that isn’t about diapers, meal planning or education.

Feel free to contact me at heykatiereed@gmail.com or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.