100 Days of Hand Lettering

100 Days of Hand Lettering Challenge

One of the most fun and exciting things I’ve been doing over the last few weeks is learning about calligraphy and hand lettering. When I was a kid, my mom used to do calligraphy, and I always wanted to be able to do it like she did.

100 Days of Hand Lettering Challenge
My own normal handwriting

I think my handwriting is actually fairly awesome, which is funny since my mom writes in chicken scratch for the most part. But her calligraphy is second to none. So I’ve wanted to really make an effort to learn a fancier way of writing. It’s not for any reason other than it makes me really happy to look at beautiful things!

100 Days of Hand Lettering Challenge
My first ever attempt at the alphabet

I’ve started watching Youtube videos, and I follow a ton of instagram accounts devoted to the art of hand lettering. And while I am LITERALLY just starting out, I am having so much fun just playing with my watercolor markers¬†and my new calligraphy set.

But don’t think you need fancy equipment. No no no. You can do some awesome hand lettering with any pen or pencil.

I love these videos that talk show you some really easy ways of getting beautiful calligraphy with whatever you have on hand.

It is so helpful to see someone else explain it so you can then go off and practice. It’s also a really relaxing hobby to have!

100 Days of Hand Lettering Challenge

So to help me keep up my practice, I’ve decided to do a 100 day hand lettering challenge. That’s over three months where I’m going to use my newfound skills to create 100 illustrated quotes, which I will be sharing on my instagram account. Follow me @heykatieblog.

100 Days of Hand Lettering Challenge

At the end of 100 days, I’m hoping there will be a marked improvement in the way I can present myself visually. I collect quotes, so having the ability to illustrate those quotes will be awesome. I can frame them and hang them on my walls instead of having to order them off of Etsy!

Hopefully this will be something I can stick to!

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